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Chapter 6. The Benefits Of Taqwa

1. With taqwa, Allah loves His servants. He says: 'Nay, those who fulfil their promise and observe taqwa, then (he should know that) Allah loves the muttaqoon.' [Surah Al-Imraan: 76]

2. With taqwa, the servant draws closer to Allah. He says: 'And My Mercy encompasses everything. So I shall allocate to those who have taqwa.' [Surah Al-Araaf: 157]

3. With taqwa, Allah stays with the servant at all times: 'And fear Allah, and know that certainly Allah is with those who fear.' [Surah Nahl: 128] And: 'Certainly Allah is with those who fear and those who are excellent.' [Surah Baqarah: 194]

4. With taqwa, the servant is protected from Allah's punishment: 'So whoever fear and reform themselves, they shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve.' [Surah Araaf: 35]

5. With taqwa, the servant attains great honour and status with Allah, even though he may be among the poorest and most wretched in the world: 'For the disbelievers, the world has been decorated and (because of that) they mock those who believe. So those who fear will be above (superior to) them on the Day of Judgement.' [Surah Baqarah: 212]

6. With taqwa. the servant will enter Paradise and enjoy all its pleasures: 'For those who fear, they will receive with their Lord gardens under which rivers now and live forever. They will also receive pure mates and the Pleasure of Allah which is the greater (than all delights). Allah is watching over His servants.' [Surah Al-Imraan: 15] And: 'Race towards the forgiveness of your Lord and towards a garden whose width is as broad as the heavens and the earth. It (the garden) has been prepared for those who fear.' [Surah Al-Imraan: 133] And: 'This is the Paradise that we shall give (as inheritance) to those servants of ours who feared.' [Surah Maryam: 63] Also: 'The god-fearing will be escorted to their Lord - towards Paradise in groups'. [Surah Zumar: 73] And also: 'Say the enjoyment of the world is little and the Hereafter is better for those who fear.' [Surah Nisa: 77]

7. With taqwa, the servant receives great reward and glad tidings in both worlds: 'For those who believe and fear, they will receive glad tidings in the life of the world and in the Hereafter.' [Surah Yunus: 62/63] And :'lf you believe and fear, then you shall receive great reward.' [Surah Al-Imraan: 179]

8. With taqwa, the actions of the servant are readily accepted: 'Allah accepts only from those who fear.' [Surah Maidah: 28]

9. With taqwa, the servant is able to reform his actions and acquire Allah's forgiveness: 'O you who believe! Fear Allah and speak the truth, for that will reform your actions and your Lord will forgive you. Whoever obeys Allah and His messenger has indeed succeeded with great success.' [Surah Ahzaab: 70-71]

10. With taqwa, the servant receives help against his enemies: 'If you are steadfast and observe taqwa, then their schemes can never harm you.' [Surah Al-Imraan: 120] And: 'Nay, if you are steadfast and observe taqwa while they attack you all of a sudden, then your Lord will assist you with 5,000 angels from the heavens - all in formation.' [Surah Al-Imraan: 125]

This is why Umar wrote to Sa'd ibn Abi Waqas who was a commander of an army: 'I command you and the army with you to fear Allah at all times. The fear of Allah is the best weapon against the enemy and the best strategy in war.'

11. With taqwa, the servant's sins are erased even though they may be abundant: 'lf the People of the Book believed and feared, We would have forgiven their sins.' [Surah Maidah: 65] And: 'And whoever fears Allah, He will forgive his sins and increase his reward.' [Surah Talaq: 5]

12. With taqwa, the servant's affairs are facilitated and his sustenance increased: 'If the towns-people believed and feared, We would have opened the blessings of the heavens and the earth.' [Surah Araaf: 96] And: 'Whoever fears Allah, He will create an avenue for him and give him sustenance from sources he does not even imagine.' [Surah Talaq: 2-3] And: 'Whoever fears Allah, He will make his matter easy.' [Surah Talaq: 4]

13. With taqwa. the servant is protected from the Devil's touch and blows: 'Those who fear - after a group of devils touch them - remember and become aware.' [Surah Araaf: 201]

Allah did not say that the people of taqwa are infallible. However, He said that when the devils approach them , their taqwa allows them to remember His Greatness and come back to Him.

14. With taqwa, the servant is able to discern truth from falsehood and light from darkness : 'O you who believe! If you fear Allah, He will create for you a sense of discernment and forgive your sins.' [Surah Anfaal: 29]

15. With taqwa, the servant receives Allah's help: 'As for those who give and fear and certify goodness, We shall facilitate the path of ease (good deeds) for him.' [Surah Layl: 5-7]

16. With taqwa, the servant becomes successful in both worlds: 'So fear Allah O people of intelligence so that you may be successful.' [Surah Maidah: 100]

17. With taqwa, the servant receives Allah's friendship: The wrongdoers are friends of one another and Allah is the friend of those with taqwa. [Surah Jathiyah: 19] And: 'Beware! The friends of Allah shall have no fear, nor will they grieve. They are those who believe and fear.' [Surah Yunus: 63]

18. With taqwa, the servant will escape the punishment of Hell: 'Everyone will come to it (Hell), this is binding upon your Lord. Then We shall deliver those who fear and desert the wrongdoers on their knees.' [Surah Maryam 71-72]

19. With taqwa, the servant will receive a good ending: 'That is the abode of the Hereafter which We will allocate for those who wish neither glory on earth, nor corruption. The best ending is for those who fear.' [Surah Qasas: 83] And: 'Command your family to pray and be firm with it you rself. We are not asking any provisions of you. ln fact, We shall provide for you for the best ending is for those with taqwa'. [Surah Taha: 132]

20. With taqwa, the servant will be in the Station of Trust on the Day of Judgement: 'Certainly, those who fear will be in the Station of Trust.' [Surah Dukhaan: 5]

21. With taqwa, the servant becomes noble in the Eyes of Allah: 'Certainly, the most noble amongst you is he who is the most fearing.' [Surah Hujuraat: 13]

These are a few benefits of taqwa. May Allah open our hearts and grant us taqwa so that we may reap those fruits. Ameen.