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Chapter 7.2. Sadness in the World & Misery in the Hereafter

Daygam, the devout worshipper, said, 'If the Hereafter of the believer does not bring happiness then two matters have gathered for him: sadness in this world and misery in the Hereafter.' It was asked of him, 'How can a person who is striving hard in the abode of this world not face happiness in the Hereafter?' He replied, 'What of acceptance? What of safety? How many are the people who think they have worked righteous deeds yet on the Day of Judgment they are gathered together and thrown in his face.'

It is because of this that Amir ibn Abd Qays and others would be greatly apprehensive of the verse,

Allah accepts only from those who ward off (evil). [Quran, 5:27]

Ibn Awn said, 'Do not feel secure because of a great number of deeds for you do not know if they have been accepted or not. Do not feel secure about your sins for you do not know if they have been expiated or not. This is because all of your deeds are unseen to you and you have no idea what Allah will do with them.'

Nakhai wept at the time of his death saying, 'I await the messenger of my Lord and I have no idea if he will give me glad tidings of Paradise or Hell.' Another also felt anxious at the time of death and it was asked of him, 'Why so anxious?' He replied, 'This is the time in which I have no idea where I will be led.'

One of the Companions was overcome with anxiety at the time of his death and he was asked after his state to which he replied, 'Allah took His creation in two handfuls, a handful for Paradise and a handful for Hell, and I have no idea to which handful I belong!'