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Chapter 6.1. The Periods of Morning and Evening

In Paradise, the periods of the morning and the evenings are reserved for looking at Allah with respect to the elite, and in this world he (saw) encouraged the preservation of the prayer at these two times. Therefore whoever prays these two prayers in this world in the best of ways, with submissiveness, presence of heart, and performing all its mannerisms, it is hoped that he will be of those who will see Allah at these two periods in Paradise. This is more so if one holds fast to the remembrances and other types of worship until the sun rises or sets. If the servant adds to this a journey in the last part of the night, then he has journeyed in all three times: the end of the night, the morning, and the evening, and if he is true, for sure this will be followed by the achievement of the greatest objective,

In an Assembly of Truth, in the presence of a Sovereign Omnipotent. [Quran, 54:55]

Whoever adheres resolutely to truthfulness in his journey will be led to a Sure Footing,

And bring unto those who believe the good tid ings that they have a sure footing with their Lord. [Quran, 10:2]

The lover is always asking after his beloved, inquiring about any news concerning him, eliciting any small piece of information, and following his tracks in order to traverse the path that leads to him.

O seeker after her! Is there anyone who can answer (me)?
For, after our time together, I know of no other felicity!
Were I only to know where her family have pitched tent,
To which of Allah's lands have they wandered to,
We would have rushed after her as does the wind!
Seeking this felicity even if it be beyond the stars!

Great indeed is the aspiration whose goal is Allah and noble indeed is the soul whose beloved is He.

Allah says,

Repel not those who call upon their Lord at morn and evening, seeking His face. [Quran, 6:52]

What has the lover to do save the pursuit of his love?
In every land the lover roams as one delirious.