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Chapter 1.3. Both Paradise & Deeds are from the Grace of Allah

Therefore, to be correct, both Paradise and deeds are granted to the believing servants by the grace and mercy of Allah. This is why the inhabitants of Paradise will say upon entering it,

Praise be to Allah who guided us to this! We would not have been guided had Allah not guided us. Verily the Messengers of our Lord came with the Truth.


After they acknowledge that it was through the favour of Allah that they were granted Paradise, and that it was through His favour that they were they granted the accord to enact the means leading to it, i.e. His guidance, and after having praised Him for this, they are rewarded with the call,

Behold! This is the Garden you will be made to inherit for what you did.

[Al-Araf: 43]

Their deeds were attributed to them and they were shown appreciation for them.

It is with this overall meaning that some of the Salaf said, 'When a servant commits a sin and says, "My Lord, You decreed this for me!" His Lord will say, "You are the one who sinned and disobeyed Me!" Now if the servant says, "My Lord, I erred, committed a sin, and wrought evil," Allah will respond by saying, "I decreed this upon you and I will forgive you."'