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Chapter 6.2. Those who Hold to the World and those who Hold on to the Hereafter

The worth of every man is judged by what he seeks. None can put a value to one who seeks Allah for this is immeasurable. The one who seeks after the world is too lowly to be valued. Shibli said, 'Whoever holds fast to this world will be burned by its blaze until he becomes ashes blown about by the wind. Whoever holds on to the Hereafter will be burned by its light such that he be comes pure gold of the highest quality and is benefited from. Whoever holds on to Allah will be burned by the light of Tawhid and will become a jewel that is beyond value.'

He has ambitions, the greatest of which is illimitable; The least of which time itself finds untouchable.

Al-Shibli was asked, 'Will the lover ever gain satisfaction from something from his Beloved before witnessing Him?' He replied with the following couplets,

By Allah! Were You to crown me
With the crown of Chosroes, king of the orient,
And before me the wealth of creation present
The wealth of those today and those of old
'But we shall not meet for a time,' I am told
To our meeting, My Master, would I gladly assent!

Whoever's ambition is great will only ever be content with seek ing Allah, Glorious and Exalted is He.

My every journey to and fro,
Morning and evening
And so too, remembrance of You
is my very breath of life,
A refreshing breeze and soothing quietude.
You are my ambition and my lot,
My objective and my success.
O source of my succour and refuge
Keep me guided aright and correct me