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Chapter 5.2. Deeds are by their Conclusion

It is possible that a man traverse the Straight Path in the beginning of his life, then deviate from it and travel one of the paths of Shaytan, hence he is cut off from Allah and destroyed.

"Indeed one of you will work the deeds of the People of Paradise until there is only a cubit or fathom between him and it and then he will work the deeds of the denizens of the Fire and enter it."

[Bukhari & Muslim]

Conversely it is possible that a person travel one of the paths of the Shaytan in the beginning of his life and then good fortune come his way, and he traverse the Straight Path and thereby reach Allah. It is essential that a person firmly traverse the Straight Path from the beginning of the journey to the end,

That is the bounty of Allah which He gives unto whom He will. [Quran, 62:4]

And Allah summons to the Abode of Peace, and leads whom He will to a straight path. [Quran, 10:25]

Many are the people who turn back after having travelled part of the journey and give up. The hearts are between two fingers of the fingers of the All-Merciful,

Allah confirms those who believe by a firm saying. [Quran, 14:27]

My beloved! Those who falter in the path across the desert
Are many, but those who reach the end are few.