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Chapter 3.1. A Noble Principle

The best of people are those who traverse the path of the Prophet (saw) and the elite of his Companions such that they are moderate in the bodily actions of worship and strive to correct the affairs and states of the heart. This is because the journey to the Hereafter is cut short by the journey of the hearts, not the journey of the bodies.

A man came to one of the Gnostics and said, 'I have journeyed long and hard to reach you.' He replied, 'This matter is not about arduous journeys, rather, with one step, distance your lower self from you and then will you find the accomplishment of your objective.'

Abu Zayd said, 'I saw the Lord of Might in a dream and I asked Him, "My Lord! How does one traverse the path to You?" He replied, "Abandon your self and come with welcome!"' [Ibn al-Jawzi, Sifatul Safwah]

No nation has been given what this nation has been given and that by virtue of its following its Prophet (saw). He was the best of creation and his guidance was the best of guidance, through him Allah made the religion easy, and through him He unburdened his nation of many a hardship and difficulty. Whoever obeys him has obeyed Allah and followed His guidance, and He will, in turn, love him.