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Chapter 4.1. The Harm and Enmity of Corrupt Scholars

Corrupt scholars think ill of those who have obtained beneficial knowledge. They do not love them, nor do they sit with them. They may even condemn them. They denounce them saying, "They are not real scholars!" This is from the treachery of Satan and his deception which prevents these corrupt scholars from attaining beneficial knowledge which Allah, His Messenger, the righteous Salaf of the ummah, and its imams have all praised.

For this reason, worldly scholars dislike righteous scholars, and they strive to their utmost to harm them, just as they endeavoured to harm Sa'id ibn al-Musayyib, Hasan al-Basri, Sufyan al-Thawri, Imam Malik, Imam Ahmad, and other upright scholars (may Allah be pleased with them). This is because righteous scholars are the successors of the messengers, whereas worldly scholars resemble those who have earned the wrath of Allah those who were enemies of the messengers, the slayers of the prophets, and murderers of the righteous. They are most intense in their enmity and envy towards the believers. Because of their intense love of the world, these corrupt scholars appreciate neither religious knowledge nor true religion. Instead, they glorify wealth, status, and positions of advantage with the rulers.

One of the ministers said to Mufti Hajjaj ibn Arta, "You know well jurisprudence and theology." Hajjaj said, "Why don't you instead say, 'You have honour and esteem?'" The minister said, "I swear by Allah! You belittle what Allah has extolled, and you extol what Allah has belittled!"