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Chapter 12. Abstinence Of The Early Scholars

Malik ibn Dinar said,

"If you come to the scholar's house and do not find him, his house tells a story. You see his prayer mat, his copy of the Quran, and the washroom on the side of his house. You discern a trace of the Hereafter."

List of Righteous Scholars

Chapter 12.1 About Fudayl Ibn Iyad

Chapter 12.2 About Hasan Al-Basri

Chapter 12.3 About Sufyan Al-Thawri

Chapter 12.4 About Imam Ahmad Ibn Al-Hanbal

Chapter 12.5 About Imam Yahya Ibn Abi Kathir

Chapter 12.6 About Imam Muhammad Ibn Aslam Al-Tusi

Chapter 12.7 About Imam Al-Awzai