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Chapter 2.4. Moses Displays Ghubta

Likewise is the case with Prophet Musa as is mentioned in the Hadith of Miraj that he competed and felt jealousy towards the Prophet to the point that he,

Cried due to the extent to which the Prophet has surpassed him. So it was said to him, 'Why are you crying?' He replied, 'I am crying because there is a servant who shall be sent after me, and more of his nation shall enter Paradise than mine.' [Bukhari and Muslim]

This hadith is also reported in other than the Sahih with a different  wording,

We passed a person while he was saying in a loud voice, 'You have blessed him and honoured him (over me).' So we were raised to him and gave him our salam, he replied to our salam and said, 'Who is this with you O Jibrail?' He said, 'This is Ahmad.' He said, 'Welcome O Illiterate Prophet who has conveyed the Message of his Lord and sincerely advised his nation.' Then we moved on and I said, 'Who was this O Jibrail?' He replied, 'That was Musa bin lmran.' I said, 'And who was he censuring?' He replied, 'He was censuring your Lord with regards to you.' I said, 'He was raising his voice to His Lord?' He replied, 'Indeed Allah knew his truthfulness.'

So in this Umar resembled Musa, and the condition of our Prophet was superior to that of Musa for he did not possess any of this permissible jealousy.