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Chapter 29. Flawlessness of Character

The signs of a flawless  person  are: being upright  and  disciplined  by  the Capacity of Allah from an early age, a faculty for wise, resolute opinions, decisions, and an expansive mind while still young. Allah, Exalted is He, said,
"And indeed We bestowed aforetime on Ibrahim, his (portion of) guidance." [Anbiya 21:51]

Ensure he has high endeavor, is of noble character that motivates him to pursue high endeavors, and prevents him from pursuing low ones, therefore when he plays games with children during his childhood, such a person always likes to be the leader of the other children. Thereafter when he grows up, good morals will be his emblem without him even learning them, shyness, and bashfulness will be his garment without it being forced on him. The least of discipline will have an effect on him, just as a grindstone benefits steel but does not benefit iron.

Afterward, when he reaches the age in which he can reason and knows the signs that prove the existence of his Creator, when he comprehends why he was created, reflects on the statements he was addressed with, his final destination, and the point of it all; then he will work hard, knowledge will reveal to him the reality of things and so he will understand that the best of matters is that which brings him closer to his Creator. He will also know that the best of that which brings one closer to the Creator is knowledge and acting upon it, so he will strive to accomplish as much as his body can bear, he will awaken the intention and the endeavor to accomplish the rest.

Though you find some people who confine themselves to certain fields of knowledge, for example one studies only grammar his entire life, another studies only hadith, he on the other hand knows that all types of knowledge are important, therefore, as he knows that life is too short to encompass all knowledge, he learns and takes what he needs from all fields as supplies for his quest, he works in accordance with this knowledge, and so he profiteered from his time fearing that it might pass without him reaching his goal. He therefore does not waste a minute in anything that is not useful, and he even takes advantage of the time he uses to eat and sleep as he knows that the period (he is given] is very short.

As a poet said:

So accomplish your goals ciuickly,
for your age is nothing but one journey of many.
And race like race horses and be the first,
for they are loaned to you and you shall return them.

Such a person is always striving to fill his time [with beneficial deeds], he subjugates his Hawa to reform his matters, he learns only beneficial knowledge because his heart is distracted by correcting his objectives from amusement and his bodily parts are seriously devoted to Allah and His obedience. One is content with what Allah has given him and does not beg from people, he abstains from their money to protect his honor, and so he becomes better than them because he is self-sufficient, he removes their corruption with his advice and admonishment.

Thus, when he does deal with them it is with justice and fairness, he will elevate himself over them due to his rank, if they ask for his advice he does his best to advise them, nevertheless, he is diverted from everyone else by his desire to reform himself as he is ready for his transfer [from this world to the hereafter] his only concern is packing his luggage [good deeds], so he guards every second and strengthens himself with plen­ tiful supplies, because he knows that his journey is long. Then one strives to reform knowledge in his life, so that his legacy will remain after his death.

He also abstains from this world and only eats the amount that is necessary to carry him through his day. If he allows himself more than what is necessary from a permissible matter, then his aim is to make his camel strong enough to bear him. He remains in the grace of his Lord until all that made him truly love Him, hence he becomes devoted to Him, and relishes His way so that when he is with people, he is with them in body only, however his heart remains constantly with his Creator.

Such men are Allah's favorites on His earth, the seekers [of the pleasure of Allah] breathe their air and the fragrance of their truthfulness is exuded after they are laid in their graves, for there is prestige in their graves that tells the status and rank of each one of them. When their deeds are mentioned, a seeker is strengthened by them on his path of patience. On the Day of Resurrection, the Righteous who fear Allah are the stars of the sphere while they resemble its sun or its full moon.

May Allah grant us the ability to imitate them, may He grant us their rank and may He bestow upon us their morals by His vast grace, for He is the All-Hearer, He is close to His slave. May the prayers and peace of Allah be upon Muhanmmad, his family, and his companions.