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Chapter 9. Elucidation on the Amount of Earnings and Expenditure

The earnings of a wise person should be more than what he actually needs, and he should keep some savings aside to recompense for his loss lest a misfortune occur. Further, in the event that he is unable to work and earn a living, due to some problem preventing him from doing so, his savings should be enough for him to use for the rest of his life. That said, if his wife gives birth to a child, or if he wants to marry another wife, or if he needs a servant, or if his child requires money then his earnings should suffice him. In general, expenditure should be less than earnings, so that one can set aside wealth for any misfortune that might occur, for this is what the mind; that reflects on consequences, commands, and what Hawa; that observes only the present state, is not concerned with.

It has been reported that Abul-Darda said, "From the deep understanding of a man is the precognition of his life." [Abu Nuaym, Al-Hilyah]