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Chapter 3. The Difference Between the Perspective of Mind and the Perspective of Hawa

Know that hawa calls to attaining pleasure without taking into consideration its consequences, though one might know that this satisfaction will bring annoyance that actually exceeds it [exceeds the satisfaction] and also prevents one from attaining other similar satisfaction. Nonetheless hawa turns one away from reflecting on all this, which makes one lower to the exact state of animals, however animals are excused because they do not observe the consequences of what they do. Hence, a wise person should not descend from a high and noble state that he is honored with, to the state of those that are low [animals], the mind should observe the consequences [of actions] one should examine the benefits and interests, since it acts as a resolute person and an advisory doctor.

The similitude of hawa is that of an ignorant boy and a gluttonous sick person. For this reason, when the mind perceives something that differs to the hawa's entreaty, a wise and reasonable person should then consult his mind, particularly  as he is aware that it is knowledgeable as well sincere in its advice, he should be patient upon what the mind orders him to do, because knowing the excellence of the mind is enough for him to favor it. Further if he needs additional proof of the uprightness of the mind's decision, he should contemplate the consequences of following his hawa such as scandalous exposure in front of people, vilification, missing virtues and good deeds. For this glory has ever deteriorated, honor has been disgraced and humiliated or a bird hunted except as a result of following hawa?!

The proof can also be found when a person anticipates what his hawa is calling him to prior to attaining it, he should then reflect on his state after his satisfaction has passed, he should compare this between his satisfaction and his sin for that is when he will know that he has lost double of what he has gained.

A poet said regarding this:

How much saris faction that provoked happiness,
Ended up revealing sadness and sorrows

How many desires ripped  from their participants
The garment of religion and virtue

Know that when a human acts in accordance to his hawa, he will find in himself disgrace and humiliation, even if this hawa does not harm him, that is because he feels subdued by his hawa, but when he overcomes his hawa he will find in himself honor and pride as he will feel triumphant and victorious. For this reason, when people see an ascetic they become amazed by him, and they would kiss his hand [to show respect] because they perceive him as a person who is strong enough to leave what they were weak in the face of and that is disobeying hawa.