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Islamic Manners

by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghudda

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Shaykh Abdul Fattah bin Muhammad bin Bashir bin Hasan Abu Ghuddah (ra) was born in the city of Aleppo in the north of Syria in the year 1917 (CE). His father, Muhammad, was well known for his piety and adherence to Islam. He was in textile business, something that he had inherited from his father, Bashir, one of the biggest traders of textiles in Aleppo. The lineage of the Shaykh goes back to the great Sahabi, Khalid bin Walid RA).

The Shaykh studied at the Islamic Arab Institue in Aleppo, and then at the Khesrevia Madrassah (now known as Shariah Secondary school). He graduated in 1942. He continued his pursuit of knowledge at Al-Azhar, in Cairo, in the school of Shari'ah between 1944 and 1948 in psychology and principles of education, faculty of Arabic language, and graduated from Al-Azhar in 1950.