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Chapter 7. Counsel In Eights

[1] The Prophet (salAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said, "Eight things are never satiated of eight - the eye from looking, the earth from rain, the female from the male, the scholar from knowledge, the questioner from questioning, the greedy from gathering, the sea from water, the fire from wood."

[2] Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (ra) said, "There are eight things which are adornments for eight others - chastity is the adornment for poverty; gratitude is the adornment for blessings; patience is the adornment for calamity; gentleness is the adornment for knowledge; humility is the adornment for the student; much crying is the adornment for fear [of Allah]; not boasting of one's generosity to its recipient is the adornment for charity; and complete calmness and inner concentration is the adornment for prayer."

[3] Umar (ra) said, "The one who abandons superfluous speech will be given wisdom, the one who abandons superfluous looking will be given the tranquillity of the heart; the one who abandons superfluous food will be given delight in worship; the one who abandons superfluous laughter will be given veneration; the one who abandons superfluous joking will be given a beautiful appearance; the one who abandons the love of the dunya will be granted the love of the Hereafter; the one who abandons busying himself with the faults of others will be given the ability to rectify his own faults; and the one who abandons questioning the Essence of Allah the Exalted will given security from hypocrisy."

[4] Uthman (ra) said, "Signs of a person who really know Allah are eight his heart is in a state of fear and hope, his tongue is in a state of praise and gratitude, his eyes are in a state of shame and tears, and his will is in leaving the dunya and seeking the pleasure of his Lord.

[5] Ali (ra) said, "There is no good in prayer without concentration and calmness; there is no good in fasting without refraining from idle talk; there is no good in reading without any contemplation; there is no good in knowledge without piety; there is no good in wealth without generosity; there is no good in brotherhood without caring for another; there is no good in a blessing that is short-lived; and there is no good in supplication without sincerity."